Epicurean All-in-One Slate Chopping Board

All Epicurean cutting boards feature non-porous surfaces that will not harbour bacteria and can be sanitised in the dishwasher. Dual sided with a juice groove on one side for carving. Made in USA. Slate with silicone non-slip feet, dishwasher safe. Epicurean is a way of life - a reflection of our personal values and those of our customers. Our products are well-designed, practical, casual tools that feel at home in any kitchen where friends and family gather to share company and enjoy good food. 

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This durable, dishwasher safe board by Epicurean is made in USA, specifically on the North Shore of Lake Superior in Duluth, Minnesota. It is an excellent choice for both the casual cook and the seasoned gourmet who values the environment and wants a dependable cutting board that is durable and cleans up easily. Every Non-Slip Cutting Board is made with naturally renewable or recycled materials in an environmentally responsible way, made from a wood fiber composite with silicone corners that grip the surface of your countertop. Wood Fiber Composite is sheets of resin-saturated fiber are compressed and baked to a solid sheet.

The final product is exceptionally strong, yet maintains the warm, natural look and feel of wood. It is lightweight, nonporous, knife friendly and dishwasher safe.  It won’t crack, split, or stain – making it the perfect material for cutting and serving.  It also is classified as green. This durable material itself has been around for more than 65 years and is widely used for commercial, industrial and marine purposes, as well as skate park surfaces. It certainly can take anything dished out in the heart of the kitchen. The durable boards have a 64mm profile so they are lightweight and easy to store.  The built in hole makes it easy to grab and use.

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