Luigi Bormioli Mixology Glasses

The Mixology glassware range was developed by Luigi Bormioli in conjunction with Yuri Glemini, Futuristic Mixologist at Surfera's Den in Milan. This collaboration is a perfect combination of new elements, expertise, creativity, and artistic expression, where nothing is left to chance. Made from lead-free, high-tech absorbed sound glass Designed to enhance the taste and aroma of your drink Ultra clear and perfectly transparent Robust and durable Titanium reinforced treatment applied to the stems of the glasses increase their resistance to breaking Made in Italy. Sold as a set of four glasses.

Four glass shapes;
Spritz set of 4 glasses 570ml H23x19cmØ
Martini set of 4 glasses 215ml H19x22cmØ
Cocktail set of 4 glasses 225ml H15x20cmØ
Gin & Tonic set of 4 glasses 800ml H21x25cmØ

Product Name Price Qty
Spritz 570ml set of 4
Martini 215ml set of 4
Cocktail 225ml set of 4
Gin & Tonic 800ml set of 4

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