Organic Cotton Produce Bags

These bags are made from premium, sustainably produced, Certified Organic, unbleached Indian cotton - 100% biodegradable.

Our Reusable Fresh Produce Bags are Certified Organic, made from sustainable, unbleached Indian cotton. 100% Biodegradable. Specially designed for your convenience when shopping for fruit and veggies.
Available in 3 handy sizes with a drawstring to secure your produce in the bag, Extra-large (L55xW45cm), Large (25.4x38cm) and Small (20.3x20.3cm).

Use our Small (18x28.5cm) and Large (35x26.5cm) Bulk Bin Bags when shopping for loose bulk bin items such as pasta, legumes, lentils, and seeds. The large size easily holds 1.5 kg flour.
Care: Gentle machine wash and line dry. Bulk Bin Bags can shrink up to 2.5 cm horizontally and 2 cm vertically.
The Long Bread Bag carries two baguettes, 64x10.5cm
The Block Bread Bag carries one standard block of bread, 30x14cm

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