Monista Tea

Designed as the ideal gift for any tea lover, or even a little luxury for yourself to enjoy when you have your own special tea moment. Every aromatic blend is perfectly mixed for your enjoyment. Monista Tea Co. canisters are reusable, the cellophane bags used to seal the tea and the tea itself are fully compostable, ensuring our impact on the environment is minimal. Monista Tea Co. would love you to join them in exploring the world's most beautiful tea

Established in 2018, Monista Tea Co. was born out of friendship and a passion for exploring the wonderful world of tea. Co-founders Christa and Monique, have harnessed their years of experience in design, branding and product development to create Monista Tea Co. a luxury tea company based in Melbourne, Australia.
Monista Tea Co's purpose is to create the most beautiful tea company in the world, with a blend of teas that will bring joy to every tea occasion.

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Monista’s Moonlight Camomile on the Nile has been gently blended with complementary ingredients to create a gentle and soothing tea to help you feel at peace. For thousands of years the Egyptians have been growing and harvesting the beautiful camomile flower on the fertile land that surrounds the Nile Delta. They were the first people to recognise the calming nature of this delicate flower and continue to this day to embrace camomile for its gentle and soothing qualities. INGREDIENTS: Organic Camomile Flowers, Spearmint, Organic Lemon Myrtle, Calendula Flowers and Cornflower Blossom

Monista’s Persian Mint blends organic peppermint and spearmint, finished with the national flower of Persia, the rose. Handwoven Persian rugs cover the earthen tiles, the dim lights produce a warm yellow glow and a beautiful brass Samovar takes pride of place in the central room. A family sits cross legged on the floor sipping warm mint tea from small coloured glasses. It is the simplicity in the ceremony that makes the moment meaningful. The ritual of drinking tea has been at the heart of Persian culture for centuries. INGREDIENTS: Organic Peppermint Leaves, Spearmint Leaves, Rose Petals

Monista’s French Earl Grey has been blended to create a fragrant and uplifting tea. A perfect mid morning tea. This beautiful, aromatic tea romantically captures the sunlight and perfume of the French countryside in a tea cup. With colours reminiscent of Van Gough’s ‘Starry Night’ and an aroma that captures the sweet perfume of Monet’s Garden. This beautiful tea has been created in homage to the French countryside, a truly ethereal place that inspired the world’s greatest impressionist artists. INGREDIENTS: Black Tea, Bergamot Oil, French Blue Cornflower Blossom, Calendula Flower Petals.

Monista's Very English Breakfast Britains love affair with tea started in the early 17th century when a group of British Merchants discovered tea or ‘Chaa’ as it was KNOWN, being enjoyed by the local PEOPLE of the Pearl River Delta in China. By the 18th century tea had become England’s national beverage and so necessary to daily life that Parliament passed a law that required the East India Company to hold one year’s supply of tea in reserve at all times. To this day Britain’s obsession with tea remains unwavering. Blended from the finest black teas, Monista’s Very English Breakfast tea is a nod to the quintessential British beverage. BLACK • LOOSE LEAF TEA • 100g. INGREDIENTS: Black Tea

Monista’s Amsterdam Breakfast Tea is sourced from a single tea estate in Assam, India. Selected for its bold, brisk and well rounded flavour, it is the perfect breakfast blend. This tea is personal. It has been created in the spirit of my Dutch Oma, who like many post World War II migrants, traversed the seas of the world in search of new beginnings. With five small children and a beautiful copper tea pot she arrived in Melbourne. BLACK • LOOSE LEAF TEA • 100g. INGREDIENTS: Black Tea. Single Estate.

Product Name Price Qty
Camomile on the Nile 50g
Persian Mint 50g
French Earl Grey 100g
Amsterdam Breakfast 100g
Very English Breakfast 100g
Oriental Garden Green Tea 60g