Costa Nova Riviera

The Costa Nova Riviera Collection is designed by the prestigious French floral designer Christian Tortu. This collection is inspired by the Riviera, the famous French and Italian region. By mixing shapes and colours of its landscape, Tortu created a captivating collection with a unique style. Fine stoneware.

Made in Portugal capturing the unique atmosphere of Costa Nova, a small fishing village that became a well-known holiday spot among Portuguese families, COSTA NOVA embraces the Mediterranean lifestyle to its fullest. A love of life, family, friends and good food has inspired COSTA NOVA to create fine stoneware collections that combine quality and design with the best in ceramic craftsmanship.

Leaf Dip Dish 1pce            L10xW11cm
Long Leaf Plate                 L18xW6cm
Long Leaf Plates 2pce       L18xW6cm
Round Gold Leaf Plate      L18xW17cm
Round Leaf Plate               L22xW19cm
Round Leaf Plates 2pce    L22xW19cm
Strelitza Leaf 1pce             L40xW17cm
Charger Platter                  31cmØ
Oval Serving Platter           L40xW29cm

Product Name Price Qty
Round Leaf Dip Dish
Long Leaf Plate
Round Leaf Plate
Long Leaf Plates 2pce
Round Leaf Plates 2pce
Strelitza Leaf
Charger Platter
Oval Serving Platter