Gobel Madeleines Tin Sheet Pans

Madeleines are small delicately flavoured shell-shaped cakes and a favourite at afternoon tea time. Constructed of tin-lined steel, these French made madeleine trays feature rolled edges and come in two sizes. Made in France.

12 Sheet - 395mm x 200mm
20 Sheet - 395mm x 125mm

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Gobel has been manufacturing pastry moulds for over five generations. This long history is without doubt a guarantee of great know-how and irreplaceable experience.
This experience has enabled Gobel to provide constant satisfaction to its customers, from 1887 to the present day!

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Gobel is also aware of market development and the specific needs of its customers. Everything is devoted to reducing delivery times to a minimum and to providing the best possible services.

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Gobel 12 Madeleines Tin Sheet Pan
Gobel 20 Madeleinettes Tin Sheet Pan

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