Cover Blubber

Move over plastic wrap, the CoverBlubber® is here! It's the super stretchy food cover for use inside the refrigerator or freezer. CoverBlubber® is made of food safe StickyRubber™, a safer alternative to plastic wrap, that you can place directly on food or containers of various shapes and sizes. The CoverBlubber® is the perfect food storage solution--it stretches and clings and form fits to fresh cut food and just about any container.

Colour pack includes 4 CoverBlubber colour coded for size; 1x Fuschia small (fits up to 8cm), 1x Green medium (fits up to 12.7cm) 1x Blue large (fits up to 17.8cm) and 1x Purple extra large (fits up to 25.4cm).

Clear pack includes one of each size; small (fits up to 8cm), one medium (fits up to 12.7cm) and one large (fits up to 17.8cm) sized CoverBlubber.

Product Name Price Qty
CoverBlubber Food Savers Clear 3pk
CoverBlubber Food Savers 4pk