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Weck Tulip Jar

Made in Germany, Weck jars have been around since the early 1900s and have become increasingly popular lately as an alternative to offerings. They're perfect for storing, transporting and serving all manner of foods and of course, they're perfect for preserving.
Also available are keep-fresh plastic & beautiful wooden lids with silicone rings designed to fit Weck Jars from Germany. Turn your Weck jars into stylish storage jars with these alternative closure options for storing leftovers or open jars of preserves in the fridge, pantry and more.

PLEASE NOTE: Each jar comes with the matching glass lid. Seals, clamps and fresh lids are sold seperately. Refer to the sizing maker (S, M, L) at the end of each product name when purchasing the applicable lids and rubber seals to complete your Weck storage, the complete range can be found to purchase here.

Product Name Price Qty
580ml L
220ml S
1Litre L
Weck Jars - Small Seals x 10
Weck Jars - Large Seals x 10
Weck Jars - Clamps x 12