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White Magic Eco Cloth Value Multi Pack


Pack of three White Magic cleaning cloths in the larger 40x40cm size, pack includes the following pieces;

The White Magic Eco General Purpose Cloth is made with dual-sides meant for all-purpose household cleaning. So for accidental spills, kitchen and bathroom counter wipe downs have a general purpose cloth handy and watch it work wonders! Suitable to use for cleaning bench tops, kitchen tables and counters, sinks, and cooking tops.

The White Magic Eco Window & Glass Cloth is specifically designed for cleaning smudged mirrors and window glass. This cloth is perfect for long-term use, just throw it in the wash and use it over and over again. The White Magic Eco Window & Glass Cloth is excellent for cleaning shiny surfaces while it buffs the surface and leaves a streak free finish that doesn't leave any nicks or scratches.

The White Magic Eco Dust & Polish Cloth is specifically made to remove dust and polish surfaces. The dust and polish cloth is perfect for cleaning dry surfaces where water isn’t recommended to be used such as wood furniture, window sills, antiques, and polished stone.

- Will not scratch surfaces.
- Reusable and up to 500 machine washes.

White Magic is the market leader in the Australian and New Zealand Microfibre Cleaning market. In 2001 we were the first to launch the Microfibre Sponge into the Australian market and have since grown the range to include the largest range of Microfibre Sponges, Cloths and Mops. Our mission as a company is to sell highly innovative chemical free cleaning products that are of the highest quality at a competitive price. We now have a chemical free cleaning product for every cleaning chore in the house or office.

More Info

General: Great to use on sinks, kitchen tables and counters, cooking and bench tops.
Glass & Window: Safe to use on windows, mirrors, stainless steel, and silver.
Dust & Polish: Safe to use on dry surfaces such wood furniture, shelves, cabinets, window sills, antiques, and polished stone.