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Preserving Jars, with Lids and Bands

Vintage Design Kiwiana Glass Jars with square sides, glass preserving jars are especially designed for all your bottling, preserving and canning needs.

GoodLife jars come in a set of 6 complete with a 2 piece metal preserving dome seal and band for each. Lids supplied on and ready to go.
Made of high quality glass they have many uses – preserving, pickling & bottling, growing sprouts, fermenting vegetables, and storing dry ingredients. Embrace zero waste and eco-living by taking your glass jars to your favourite ‘refill shop’. Perfect for bottling tomatoes, beetroot, vegetables, & fruits, they work with the overflow and the water bath methods. Jars show measurements of cups, mls and ozs down the sides and have our signature fantail on each jar. Fill them with homemade preserves and gift them to friends and family for Christmas, or stock up your pantry.

GoodLife Jars are 86mm wide mouth mason jars and will also fit Ball, Agee and Perfit Gold bands.
- heat resistant, dishwasher safe, eco-friendly and super versatile
Product Name Price Qty
Set of 6 500ml H11x9cmØ
Set of 6 1L H18.5x9cmØ