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Bread Cap

Whether you buy bread at your local bakery, the farmer's market or make it yourself, everyone wants to enjoy it after the first slice. The trick to keeping a crusty loaf fresh is to keep the moisture inside while allowing the crust to do its job of protecting the inside. If you leave the cut portion exposed, the bread will dry out. If you put it in a plastic bag, the crust becomes soggy. And never, ever store Artisan bread in the refrigerator as this is the fastest way to a tasteless, stale loaf. Pack of 2 sizes, one for Ciabatta & Baguette, one for sourdough style loaves.

With the BREAD CAP by CapaBunga®, you can extend the life of your favourite bread. The unique design allows the crust to "breathe" and protect the inside while simultaneously keeping the moisture from escaping through the cut portion. You no longer need a large bread box on your counter and you can keep plastic bags out of the landfill with the reusable BREAD CAP. The BREAD CAP will prolong the life of your loaf up to five days!

Instructions for use:
Always begin with a clean BREAD CAP
Place cut side of bread into one corner of the BREAD CAP
Stretch the opposite corner over the bread to seal
Leave bread on kitchen counter or in cupboard with air circulation
DO NOT cover in plastic wrap or store in refrigerator
Bread can be eaten immediately but for optimum results reheat in 350ºF oven for 10 minutes to recrystallize starch.