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Soda Press Syrups

Ideal for: Sodastream, Mixers, Cocktails, Cordials, Slushies, Ice Blocks, On Ice Cream, Hot Drinks. Made with organic and natural ingredients. Nothing artificial, 50% less sugar, low caffeine, allergen free, GMO free, gluten free, dairy free, vegan

Organic Blonde Cola Soda/Mixing Syrup, 500ml:
Indulge in a world-first Blonde Cola. Blonde because we left all the nasty stuff out, putting more of the good back in, to create the apex of Colas.  The subtle velvety texture blends perfectly with real cola nuts, ginger, citrus sprices, rosemary and lavender.  It packs a cola punch whilst lower in sugar, and very low in caffeine.  
Organic Indian Tonic Soda/Mixing Syrup, 500ml:
The worlds first clear organic tonic syrup.  A bittersweet blend of spices and citrus based botanicals to create your quintessential tonic.  Unlike mainstream tonic, we use around 50% less sugar with real quinine (in high levels), sustainably sourced from the bark of Congolese Fever Trees. Cheers to that!  
Organic Raspberry & Mint Soda/Mixing Syrup, 500ml:
This award-winning syrup is a unique combination of delicate raspberry tones with a subtle mint finish.  It's so utterly smooth, rounded, and uplifting, it will have you jiggling in your seat.  

Organic Old Fashioned Lemonade Soda/Mixing Syrup, 500ml:
The way they used to make it.  This award-winning syrup is an old classic with a twist, sublimely thirst quenching and bursting with a zesty symphony of citric flavours - without all the sugary aftertaste.

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