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Fagor Pressure Cooker

Extremely versatile and easy to use the Fagor Pressure Cooker reduces cooking time by up to 70%, cooking everything from meats to vegetables to desserts, and more.
18/10 stainless steel construction has an encapsulated aluminum base that allows for quick and even heat distribution
Spring-type mechanism provides high pressure at 15-PSI
Triple safety mechanism prevents excess pressure build-up
Safety lock on the handle will not open until all pressure is released
Comes complete with a recipe booklet and owner's manual
10-year manufuacturer's warranty

Capacity 6L H16.5 x 23.5cm Diameter (base)
Capacity 9.3L H20.5 x 27.5cm Diameter (base)

More Info

Fast & Energy Efficient – Pressure Cookers are 70% faster than traditional cookware.
Versatile – You can cook a variety of different dishes with a pressure cooker.
Healthy - Pressure cooking retains vitamins and nutrients often lost in traditional cooking methods.
• Safe - Fagor pressure cookers have 3 independent safety features.
• Made in Spain.

• Fagor is currently positioned as a top cookware brand, sold at major retailers nationwide.
• Fagor is a worldwide leader in manufacturing components for household appliances.
• Fagor is one of the leading pressure cooker brands in the United States.
• Fagor is the number 1 induction cooktop producer in the European Market.
• Fagor is present in 130 countries, has 19 production plants around the world and 44% of Fagor’s sales are international.

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