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Milly's Summer Catalogue

Demeyere Proline Skillet

The Demeyere Proline pan is the pan of choice for a perfectly fried steak, browned on the outside, carefully cooked and lovely and juicy on the inside. The cooking residue in the pan is the ideal basis for a flavourful meat sauce. No sauce needed? Use water to remove the residue from the bottom of the pan while it is still hot, to make cleaning the pan easy. This pan also lends itself well to extra healthy frying without butter or oil.The Proline pans are the ultimate frying pans for professionals, and also for true cooking enthusiasts. They are made of 7-ply material to the top edge, which has a thickness of 4.8 mm (3 mm for 20 cm), so you can actually fry right up to the top edge, thus providing up to 50% more cooking surface.

The measurement for the frypan is taken from the to diameter, the base diameter is smaller;

Demeyere Proline 20cm skillet (14.5cm Base diameter).
Demeyere Proline 24cm skillet (18cm Base diameter).
Demeyere Proline 28cm skillet with helper handle (22cm Base diameter)
Demeyere Proline 32cm skillet with helper handle (26cm Base diameter)

Product Name Price Qty
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