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Milly's Summer Catalogue

Demeyere Multi Function Pans PRE-ORDER

One of the most versatile pans you'll have in the kitchen with plenty of space for air to circulate when frying, deep sides for sauteing, risotto or paella but also suitable for the oven when roasting and grilling. Suitable for all hobs including induction.

Demeyere ControlInduc®- a safety system built into the pans which limits the maximum temperature to 250°C/485°F when used on induction cookers. The special material that Demeyere utilizes in the external layer of the pan keeps its magnetism until 250°C/485°F. The Demeyere ControlInduc® pans are designed so that it is simply not possible to burn or overheat on an induction stove. Even on high power, the pan itself regulates the temperature. It begins to stabilize at 218°C /425°F and will not exceed 250°C /485°F.

H5.6x32cmØ (Base 26cmØ)
H5.6x28cmØ (Base 22cmØ)
H5.5x24cmØ (Base 18cmØ)
H4.5x20cmØ (Base 14.5cmØ)

Please note: These pans have sold out in store, and with the current air-freight restrictions we're unsure when we'll be able to re-stock but have an order in transit from Belgium we would expect to receive in late June. Any pre-orders we receive for these will be held and we will keep you updated when we have more information on the due dates as we receive them. Thank you for your understanding.

Product Name Price Qty
Demeyere Multi Function Pans 20cmØ
Demeyere Multi Function Pans 24cmØ
Demeyere Multi Function Pans 28cmØ
Demeyere Multi Function Pans 32cmØ