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Demeyere Atlantis Low Sautepan with Lid PRE-ORDER

The Atlantis low sauté pan is ideal for evenly searing meat, vegetables or seafood, and afterwards, after adding liquid, to leave it to bake slowly with the lid on. Thanks to the large surface area it is also ideal for quickly reducing basic sauces (e.g. lobster bisque). The technologies used are customised to the cooking function : a thick copper layer is encapsulated in the bottom, which is hermetically welded to the saute pan's body. The trademark Silvinox finish ensures a more hygienic and silverish white surface, even after years of use. The Atlantis saute pan is extremely efficient on induction, but they can perfectly be used on any cooktop.

Please note: These low sautepans have sold out in-store, and with our supplier who has a shipment due mid-late September. Any pre-orders we receive for these will be held and dispatched when we receive stock in due course. Thank you for your understanding.

Product Name Price Qty
24cmØ, 2.5L
28cmØ, 4L