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Milly's Summer Catalogue

Demeyere Atlantis Saucepans

This elegant Belgian stainless-steel saucepan enlists the latest culinary innovations, including Demeyere's patented 7-ply InductoSeal and TriplInduc technologies, to guarantee flawless heat distribution and control. A mainstay in any kitchen, this saucepan is essential for simmering sauces and cooking vegetables.
Constructed with seven high-tech layers, including a commercial-quality 18/10 stainless-steel finish.


Stainless-steel pan is welded into Demeyere's high-tech InductoSeal base, which has a 2mm copper centre encapsulated between two layers of silver for superb heat distribution.
The base is finished with an external TriplInduc layer, which combines three special metal alloys to ensure a smooth, even heating surface that won't deform with use and boosts induction-cooking efficiency by up to 30%.
A Silvinox surface treatment helps to maintain the durable, stick-resistant finish and its satin-polished beauty through years of daily use.

Please note: The 18cm size has sold out in store, and with the current air-freight restrictions we're unsure when we'll be able to re-stock but would expect to have a delivery mid-April. Any pre-orders we receive for these will be held and we will keep you updated when we have more information on the due dates as we receive them. Thank you for your understanding.

Product Name Price Qty
14cmØ, 1L
16cmØ, 1.5L
18cmØ, 2.2L PRE-ORDER
20cmØ, 3L