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Staub Round Cocotte Cherry Red

Made in France, the Cocotte by Staub has become a 'cast iron' firm favourite of Milly's staff. The lid features Staub's signature tiny dimples on the underside which serve to continually baste the contents of the cocotte ensuring moisture and flavour are preserved. Whatever you are cooking with these traditional cast iron casseroles by Staub, you will always enjoy tasty, flavoursome and healthy meals!


Round 24cm 3.8L Capacity
Round 26cm 5.2L Capacity
Round 28cm 6.7L Capacity

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Features & Benefits

   Made in France
   Self-basting spikes on the lid create a rain-forest
    effect evenly returning juices back onto food
   Heavy weight; tight-fitting lid retains moisture
   Oven Safe up to 500°F
   Brass knob
   Smooth enamel bottom works on all stovetops
   Each piece is one of a kind
   Rough texture results in exceptional browning
   Requires no seasoning
   Dishwasher safe

Self-Basting Design

Self Basting Design

Due to the superior construction of the Staub cocotte lids, less humidity can escape during the cooking process. 10% more moisture is retained inside the Staub cocotte after 55 minutes cooking time than in products from competitors.* 
The self basting system consisting of distributed spikes over the whole inside flat lid ensures a continuous rainfall effect over the food inside the cocotte. The Staub self basting system in the lid is 9 times more effective than conventional lids.**

Use & Care

Staub enameled cast iron products are highly durable, do not discolour or rust and resist chipping. Cast iron is a superior material that retains heat, diffuses it slowly and distributes it very evenly. Savoury flavours are enhanced thanks to continuous self-basting. Special dimples enable drops of condensation to fall uniformally onto the food simmering below the lid. Staub Enameled Cast Iron is outstanding in performance and their cookware is used and praised by the most celebrated chefs around the world. For use with all heat sources including induction, gas, electric and halogen. Please note not all sizes are available in all colours.

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