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Demeyere Apollo Casserole with Lid

Apollo Professional cooking utensils, internationally recognized by many renowned chefs. For many professional and amateur chefs, cooking is more than just preparing food. It is love, a passion, that can lead to the most wonderful combinations of flavour, smell and colour. It is an art. Just as for a painter, creative ideas can only be fully realised when using the correct materials. Apollo offers a very wide range of products, all developed to create culinary masterpieces. A wide range of specialised products such as conic sauce pans, saute pans, special frying pans, steam cookers, simmering pots and a large number of woks, offers the ideal material even for the most demanding of cooks. Practical designs and applied technologies are incorporated into each article to allow for typical preparations geared to that product. This high-end stainless steel cookware from Belgium features two types of construction: Skillets and pieces with sloped sides have an aluminium core and are finished in three layers of stainless steel to evenly distribute heat all the way up the sides, preventing scorching; straight-sided pans have a thick aluminium base and thin steel sides for even heating. All pieces simmer steadily, heat evenly, and brown beautifully. If you're a serious cook and can afford the price, go for it! Manufacturer's Warranty: 30 Years.

16cm Casserole H13x16cmØ 1L (Base 14cmØ)
18cm Casserole H14.4x18cmØ 2.2L (Base 16cmØ)
24cm Casserole H18x24cmØ 5.2L (Base 22cmØ)

Distributes heat evenly on gas and electric ranges
Maintains a steady simmer
Handles and lids stay cool on the stovetop
Pans and lids are safe in the oven to 260 degrees celsius
Handles are attached without rivets
Dishwasher safe

Product Name Price Qty
Demeyere Apollo Casserole 16cm/ 1.5L
Demeyere Apollo Casserole 18cm/ 2.2L
Demeyere Apollo Casserole 24cm/5.2L