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Staub Cocotte/ Brasier 26cm Black with lid



This beautiful and versatile piece of Staub is available for a strictly limited time, start or add to your collection today. One of Staub's signature dishes, the 'Cocotte' is made in France using a sand mould which is destroyed after each piece is made, meaning every Staub piece is totally unique. 26cm Diameter 3.8L

Staub's innovative enamel coating takes cast-iron cooking to the next level with improved performance, style and durability. Ideal for braising and slow-cooking, this versatile pan transitions seamlessly from the oven to the table for a most-attractive presentation. Heavyweight enameled cast iron transfers and retains heat evenly. Resistant to rust, chipping and cracking, the coating requires no additional seasoning like some other cast-iron pieces. The specially formulated black matte interior enamel of each piece contains traces of quartz, giving it additional heat resistance and a rougher surface that results in better browning. Dishwasher safe. But hand wash is recommended Handmade in France.

Heavy, tight fitting flat lid features self-basting spikes for continuous, even distribution of juices throughout cooking.
Intensify flavours and retain the aromas and vitamins within the food, so food is moist and flavourful.
Interior black matte enamel finish that requires little seasoning over time and is more resistant to scratches and chips.
Enamel cast iron is a traditionally strong material, ideal for low heat cooking, it retains heat better than any other material, equal heat distribution eliminates hot spots.
Smooth bottom is suitable for use on any cooking surface, including induction without scratching the surface of your cook top.
Suitable for use from oven to table, making a lovely presentation showpiece to impress your dinner guests