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Salter Cook-Pro Bluetooth Kitchen Scales and Thermometer

Welcome to the new way of cooking … at your fingertips!

With a sleek and modern design, both the kitchen scale and thermometer add a modern touch to any home with the ability to connect to your chosen mobile device.Connect the Salter Bluetooth Cook Scale & Thermometer to the Salter Cook app to set targets direct from the recipe and see measurements on your smartphone or tablet. And remember if you’re stuck for inspiration whilst out shopping all your favourite recipes and ingredients lists are available at your fingertips in the Salter Cook app.

Create your personal interactive cookbook. Salter Cook provides the unique opportunity to convert online recipes and bring the ultimate interactive kitchen experience to your home. With our innovative Salter Cook range you will be able to create your favourite recipes with ease. The Salter Cook app itself is multifunctional, allowing you to create your own personal cookbook with interactive weights, times and temperatures. Capture recipes from the most popular recipe websites at the click of a button or manually enter your own. Easily follow recipes method/ingredients lists with strikethrough, adjust portions, add categories, upload your own photos, share recipes with friends and much more! Set multiple timers and name them to avoid confusion, ensuring your recipes are cooked to perfection.

More Info

CONNECT TO THE SALTER COOK APP; Streamline your culinary experience with the kitchen recipe scale. The scale connects to the Salter Cook app where you can collect and convert your preferable recipes straight from the internet.
EASY TO USE Designed with ultra-slim glass and clean white surface, the Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Scale features a bright LCD display and sleek touch-sensitive controls to reset the scale and change the units.
ADD & WEIGH MULTIPLE INGREDIENTS Equipped with our ‘Add & Weigh' feature, you can save on the washing up and measure multiple ingredients in the same bowl. Zero the scale through the app or simply select the next ingredient you wish to weigh and the scale will automatically zero. You can additionally measure your liquid ingredients thanks to the 'Aquatronic' feature.

USE WITH SMARTPHONE OR TABLET Sync the Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer to the Salter Cook app to start monitoring temperature interactively! Simply select the temperature within the recipe and the thermometer will automatically set it as a target. You can then leave the thermometer and monitor the temperature through the app wherever you are.
FOOD AND OVEN TEMPERATURES The Bluetooth thermometer comes with two probes, one to measure oven temperature and one to measure food temperature. Whilst connected to the app, you can label the probes (e.g., ‘Oven’ and ‘Chicken’) and use them separately or together.
COMPACT AND STYLISH The magnetic back lets you position the thermometer on the side of the oven or other magnetic surfaces to keep it safe and easy to access. Designed with sleek curved sides and a Bluetooth light, this nifty device is small and stylish. If you are looking to get perfect bakes and roasts, the Salter Cook Bluetooth Thermometer is for you.

Use & Care

Salter Cook App Features; (FREE TO DOWNLOAD)
Capture online recipes or manually enter your own
Easily follow recipes method/ingredients lists with strike through
Adjust portions to scale ingredient quantities
Set targets with interactive weights, temperatures and times
Add categories, rate recipes, search and organise your personal cookbook

Salter Connected Kitchen Scale Features;
Easily connect the Scale and Thermometer to your smartphone or tablet using Bluetooth 4.0
Follow online recipes and control your scale with the Salter Cook app available to download free
Add & Weigh ‘zero’ function – allows for measurement of multiple ingredients in the same bowl
Scale features Aquatronic function for measuring liquids in ml or fl.oz and an Easy-to-read backlit display
Hygienic and easy to clean glass weighing platform 22lb 10kg oz ⅛ 10000ml 1ml 350fl.oz fl.oz ⅛ 1g MAX
Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Scale (MODEL NUMBER 1193 WHDR) 15 YEAR GUARANTEE

Salter Cook Bluetooth Cooking Thermometer Features;
Connects to Salter Cook app using Bluetooth to follow recipes and measure temperature 1°C/1°F graduations
Temperature range: -20°C to 250°C
Compact design with two probes for oven and food temperatures
ABS body and stainless steel probe
Ideal for checking meat, confectionery, BBQ and more
Salter Cook Bluetooth Kitchen Thermometer (MODEL NUMBER 593 WHCR) 2 YEAR GUARANTEE

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