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My Indian Kitchen: Ashia Ismail-Singer


Join us this Saturday the 10th of November Ashia Ismail-Singer will be here at our Ponsonby store 11-2pm launching her new book and showcasing some of her delicious recipes at the same time, the perfect opportunity to get all your answers straight from the source and sample some of her incredible dishes. Mark it in your calendars, this is an event you will not want to miss.

Over 90 easy and delicious Indian recipes for the New Zealand kitchen book, My Indian Kitchen features recipes for well-known traditional indian dishes alongside a range of new and exciting indian tastes and textures, all of which are easy to make in your home kitchen. Aishia Ismail-Singer's recipes aren't just a list of ingredients and measurements, for her they are memories of childhood, food experiences that have been passed down for generations amd which connect her back to her family over seas.  With chutneys and bites for grazing, light lunches, mains, desserts, home baking and more, This book bring you a collection of recipes inspired by Indian food culture.

Made with ingredients that are easy to access in New Zealand, My Indian Kitchen has dishes to appeal to all tastes including; Fish Tikka, Masala Baked Beans, Nutty Chicken Curry, Paneer pea curry, Homemade Naan, roti & chapati, tamarillo chutney, cardamon & chocolate pudding, mango semi-freddo, raspberry chai loaf..

The recipes in My Indian Kitchen have been re-designed to simplify complex traditional processes and to inspire New Zealanders to try Indian Cooking at home. Tasty and easy recipes for homecooks by Ashia Ismail-Singer. Photography by Manja Wachsmuth.

About the Author
Ashia Ismail Singer was raised in Malawi and the UK, before moving to New Zealand. One of four girls, food has always played a big part in her life and she believes it is one of life's simple but great pleasures. Ashia was taught to cook by her mother, learning the traditional Indian way, without shortcuts but since then she has combined influences from Malawi, the UK and New Zealand in to her cooking. She is regular contributor to New Zealand house & Garden, and appears in a number of Food-related media.