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Featuring Never seen before Technology The twist press is set to revolutionise the coffee brewing industry The unique device produces high quality freshly brewed coffee in a little as 30 seconds. A simple twist motions presses pressurised air over the coffee producing an espresso like brew into your cup of choice Easy to store and stylish to look at. Dimensions: H10xW8cm What you will need is: Twist Press, 15g coffee, Water, Measuring spoon, Coffee Cup , finely ground coffee. Leave for a minimum of 2 minutes - leave longer for increased strength.

The all new and upgraded version of the original Twist Press with a silicone seal and new alignment marks allowing more varied coffee grinds to be used while utilising the same rapid brewing method that produces a short black fresh coffee in as little as 60 seconds. Not as simple as a cafetiere but once you get brewing you will be enjoying far better coffee.

Consistent, Stable & Safe - the BPA free patented helix design means that unlike other brewers the Twist Press applies little or no pressure on the cup or jug you are brewing into and ensures you have no spills and a consistent plunge which gives a better tasting coffee through even extraction 
Made for Travel and Small Spaces  - the compact design weighs in at only 250g and takes up less space than a standard water bottle and comes with a coffee storage compartment (45g / 3 to 4 servings) so you can enjoy incredible coffee wherever the journey takes you
Coffee Your Way  - as an extremely versatile coffee maker you are able to play with grind size, brew time and water temperature as well as choose from paper or metal filters; paper filter (100 included) for a cleaner brighter cup or a reusable and sustainable metal filter for a heavier velvety cup (metal filters sold separately)
Strong, Short or Long  - the compact chamber produces a short black strong coffee that can be brewed traditionally (with some drip through) or flipped (upside down) for precision brewing. The coffee can be used as a base for milky coffees or you can add water for a longer black coffee like an Americano 
Barista notes:

The body of the coffee will depend on the chosen filter, capable of producing a strong coffee that can be used as a base for a variety of drinks from an americano to a cappuccino (when frothed milk is added) or even an espresso martini.

When using a paper filter – a clean and flavoursome coffee with a light body and no sediment

When using the metal filter - a textured, full bodied coffee like a cafetiere  

Tip: Whilst preparing your brew you can expect some drips to pass through the filter, this is perfectly normal and live pour over adds to the characteristics of the brew. Once you insert the plunger handle the silicone seal will make a vacuum and prevent dripping.  

If you would prefer to have no dripping at all and have total control over your ratios, you can also brew using the flipped method.

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