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How to care for your Non-Stick Pans

When used and stored properly nonstick cookware is quite a handy tool in the kitchen. These pans are easy to use (especially for beginner cooks), and especially easy to clean. When used incorrectly, though, it's also easy to damage and all out ruin nonstick pans.

1. Prior to first use, wash in hot soapy water to remove any dust, residues from shipping or packaging, and dry thoroughly.
2. Use only non stick (we recommend silicone) or wooden utensils. One of the quickest ways to ruin your pan is to use metal utensils which will scrape off the non stick coating.
3. Use a little good oil (definitely not sprays) on your food or your pan. Using cooking sprays can result in a residue build up on the cookware, which causes food to cook unevenly and counteract the nonstick nature of the pan. As an alternative, use an oil mister that you can refill with the oil of your choice.
4. Moderate your heat, you will not need to go higher than medium in a good non stick pan. High temperatures cause the coating to crack.
5. Hand wash in warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry.
6. Ensure that you have the inside of your pans covered when storing. We recommend felt pan protectors between pans when stacking but you could use a folded tea-towel or paper towel inside your pans to protect the surfaces with nothing heavy placed on top of the stack.