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PME Tall Patterned Cake Edge Scrapers

Looking for a quick way to give a tall cake a professional-looking finish? If you want a fancy finish without any effort, try PME’s Tall Ribbed Edge Side Scraper for Cake Decorating.

Quick, easy way to decorate cakes

Rather than faffing around trying to create a ‘ribbed’ icing effect with a palette knife, this clever edged side scraper gives you a fantastic shaped finish with just a few swipes.

Shaped edge creates ribbed effect

Simply cover your bake with a generous coating of buttercream, chocolate ganache or your favourite frosting, while it’s still soft, hold the scraper vertical and run the toothed edge round your cake – it’s made from clear acrylic so it’s easy to see through it to help keep your hand steady and the patterns level. Result: a beautiful bake with a ribbed effect from top to bottom. Perfectly elegant when you’re using a single shade of icing, it also gives a lovely finish if used with ombre or striped icing too.

Straight edge gives smooth finish
To give your whole cake the professional look, run the smooth edge of the scraper over the top of your bake for a flat, even surface ready for any extra decorations.

Perfect for tall bakes
At over 25cm high, it’s ideally sized for really tall or stacked bakes like wedding and celebration cakes.

Made from durable, BPA-free, food-grade acrylic.
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- Pleat
- Ribbed
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