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Zyliss Easy Release GarlIc Press


The first product ever made by Zyliss of Switzerland, in 1948, was the Suzy Garlic press and it's still one of their most popular designs. This new premium Easy-release version has all the best features of this classic design but is remodelled with an ergonomic, heavy-duty zinc alloy body with an extra-large capacity for even greater convenience in busy modern kitchens and homes.

Zyliss Easy-Release Garlic Press;
• Crushes garlic without the need to peel or touch processed garlic or waste
• Efficient pressing system maximises garlic output and minimises waste
• Extra-large capacity chamber with a pressing plate that lifts for easy waste removal after pressing
• Heavy-duty zinc alloy body and ergonomic handle make it comfortable to squeeze with minimal effort
• Dishwasher safe; 5 year guarantee
• Dimensions: L25.5xW9.5xH6cm

More Info

• Start by placing the unpeeled garlic clove on the red pressing plate of the chamber.
• Squeeze the handles together to crush the garlic. The crushed garlic collects in the chamber.
• Simply press the integrated lever on the pressing plate to release the crushed garlic.
• Fully open the handles to reveal the residual peel and waste on the pressing plate. Lift with the edge of a small utensil and dispose of waste.
• After use, pop the press into the dishwasher for fast, easy cleanup.