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Domobar Stainless Steel Espresso Machine Junior


"Domo" is Italian for home and "bar" for Cafe - therefore "Cafe at Home"! Vibiemme leads the way in Italian domestic and commercial espresso machines and you will find them in many Italian coffee bars.

The Domobar Junior is manufactured in Italy by VBM. This model comes packed with professional features including seriously large 1.45 litre copper boiler with heat exchange system and all copper pipeworks. The copper boiler is thermally wrapped adding to the already impressive heat retention properties and utilises a heat exchange system - delivering your espresso at the perfect 90 degrees every time. The heat exchange system means that there is no waiting around between steaming milk an extraction, the machine is always ready to do whichever - or even both at once if you're that good!

The tank (reservoir) is generous and the Junior also has an auto fill feature and a low water shutoff, meaning that you never need worry about running the boiler dry or what the water level is at.

Everything is managed perfectly by this clever little home espresso machine.


More Info

Vibiemme Domobar Junior Specifications: 

Body Finish: Polished Stainless Steel 
Power: 240 volts 50 Hz 
Made in Italy 
Dimensions: 420h x 250w x 450d mm 
Boiler: 1.45 litres 
Weight: 18 kg 
Water tank: 3 Lt 
Power: 1600 W 
1.45 Litre Boiler 
Vibration Pump 
3 Way Solenoid Valve 
Heat Exchange 
E61 Group