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de Buyer Crepe Pan

French De Buyer crepe pans are specially shaped with low sides to make turning crispy, tasty crepes simple. These are great omelette pans too. The low skirt of the frying pan allows crepes to be easily flipped and turned. Don't forget to season your steel, instructions on how to do this are under the 'Use & Care' tab. Made in France.

Mineral B: Made with 100% natural mineral protection with an organic beeswax based protective finish. Iron molecules from the pan contribute to good health and allows for high heat which seals quickly keeping vitamins and nutrients in food. The more the pan is used the better the performance. The darker and more seasoned it becomes the better for natural non-stick properties.

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De Buyer History
Since 1830

The de Buyer company was founded in 1830 and has been creating and manufacturing the best kitchen ans pastry utensils for the professional and does all to help you preserve the greatness, the traditions, the charm and above all the delicious flavours of French gastronomy.

de Buyer offers over 3000 items : cookwares made of steel, stainless steel, copper and non stick aluminium ,professional "Mandoline" slicers, silicone moulds, pastry utensils, etc.

de Buyer continues today to draw upon their knowledge in an effort to provide superior quality and innovation in equipement for the professional and for the gourmet consumer.

Use & Care

Preparing your pan
Clean the frying pan with very hot water and wipe it. Pour one centimeter of oil in the pan and heat it for 5 minutes. Next, thrown away the oil and wipe your pan with paper towels . The more the pan is used, the better the performance. The darker it becomes the better it is for natural nonstick properties.

Heat a small amount of fat in the frying pan, and once the pan is good and hot, seal the food about 45 seconds on each side before reducing the heat to complete cooking. Do not leave the meals in the pan after cooking.


Cleaning after use:
1) Wash the frying pan with very hot water and a sponge. Wipe dry.
2) Purify the pan from time to time : heat up cooking salt over a fast heat during 1 min 30 and wipe with a kitchen paper. The salt helps to suppress the residues and the
odours from previous cookings.
3) Oil with a paper towel and put away in a dry place.


Do not leave your pan to soak. If food sticks to the pan, use a green sponge. Never put in a dishwasher.The pan may rust if these use conditions aren’t respected

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de Buyer Blue Force Crepe Pan 24cm
de Buyer Mineral B Crepe Pan 26cm