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Deluxe Mini Burger "Sliders" Grilling Set



Mini burgers, known by many as sliders, are the hottest little food trend sweeping the nation. Half the size of a classic burger, yet twice the fun. Topped with traditional condiments, sitting on a mini-burger buns, sliders are irresistible. The triple mini burger set from charcoal companion includes a durable, nonstick coated metal basket with rosewood handle plus a triple burger press and bun cutter. Press forms three perfectly rounded patties at once, so your sliders have uniform shape and always look great. Basket holds nine burgers at one time, so you can cook and serve even faster. Cutter cuts hamburger buns to slider size so your burgers fit perfectly.
Durable, nonstick basket holds 9-burgers at once
Basket latches closed to hold burgers in place, turns easily with one flip
Triple mini burger press ensures that burgers have attractive uniform shape
Included bun cutter ensures that you have perfectly-sized slider buns
Basket has an attractive and comfortable rosewood handle.