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Milly's Summer Catalogue

CDN Floating Thermometer PRE-ORDER


A variety of culinary projects hinge on the ability to keep a liquid at just the right temperature - from brewing beer to baking a delectable cheesecake in a water bath. The new CDN Floating Thermometer (FT220) makes it easy to accurately measure liquid temperatures because of its reliable technology, intuitive operation, and ability to float. Dimensions: 3cmØ

This specialty thermometer is the perfect companion for best results for sous-vide cooking or any recipe requiring a water bath. A water bath, or "bain-marie," enhances the baking of custards and cheesecakes by ensuring that the centre is done before the edges dry out. For brewing beer, water baths are used to improve beer taste by controlling the temperature of the fermentation process. This multipurpose floating thermometer will also come in handy for sauces, soups and stews. Totally waterproof, the Floating Thermometer features the quality construction for which CDN is known, with a sturdy polycarbonate lens and 304 stainless steel housing. It is enclosed in a stay-cool buoy that floats on the surface of a liquid and is removable for easy cleaning.

Please note: This stock is currently sold out both in store and with our supplier, who have a shipment due in early August. Any pre-orders we receive will be held and dispatched when this delivery arrives, thank you for your understanding.