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Bosch Food Processor Multi Talent 1250W


The MultiTalent 6 is your kitchen assistant to handle almost any job. Makes food preparation and baking much easier and fun! It's easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store. The 1250W motor makes any job easy with a 3.9 litre bowl and a 1.5 litre blender jug. For multifunctional use with more than 50 functions for chopping, rasping, slicing, kneading dough, extracting juice and beyond with a bag to keep the accessories tidy stored.

More Info

  • Very good all-round performance on majority of foods tested.
  • Useful LED indicator lights up when machine is switched on and flashes if processor is not operated correctly e.g. lid not on correctly.
  • Useful automatic pulse setting, automatically pulses on max speed until you switch the processor off. Saves you having to stand there pressing the controls.
  • Useful two feed pushers to accommodate different food sizes.
  • Very good speed control especially for slicing and grating. The processor doesn't 'take' the food until you push it through so you are in full control.
  • Disc holder is like a frame and supports the slicing and grating discs well so they are sturdy when pushing foods through. Also helps to make the discs easier to fit/remove.
  • Very little waste when slicing and grating.
  • Good results when whisking cream, with good volume and grated chocolate well.
  • Separate blender for smoother soups.
  • Useful drizzle hole in blender funnel cap - good for making mayonnaise.
  • Convenient storage bag can store most attachments.
  • Streamlined motor housing and controls easy to wipe over.

Comes with:

Stainless steel discs (reversible slicing disc, reversible shredding disc, chips cutting disc)

Kneading hock

Blender attachment



Universal knife

Universal shredder


Citrus press

Accessory bag

2 years vendor warranty