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Mauviel Copper Canele Mould

As part of the Mauviel M'passion Collection, the canele mould has been created for people who are passionate about their desserts. Handcrafted and made in France since 1830.The Canele Mould is named for the shape of the mould and the sweet dessert that is made in it.

The Mauviel Canele Mould is a 5.5cm high fluted copper mold with Stainless interior. A canele is a French pastry with a soft custard center and a dark, thick caramelized exterior. A copper mold is ideal for this type of dessert since it allows you to cook it quickly at a high temperature so that the outside can caramelize while the interior says moist.The use of copper enhances the pastry, caramelising the crust and sugar properly. Made in France. Sold individually.

The Mauviel Canele Mold can hold 3oz. of batter, but when making caneles they should be filled 3/4ths of the way. Wash using water only so as to ensure the tin surface stays seasoned with oil (soap would remove it). Soak if necessary to remove hardened sugar crust from Canele batter. When the molds have been properly seasoned as noted above and are then oiled before each use with a mixture of beeswax and sunflower oil or just oil, the Canele should release, but if does not, gently go around the top edge and/or down the ridges with a toothpick or wooden kebab skewer to release any part of the crust that is sticking to the mold. Do not use metal since this will eventually scratch the thin coating of tin from the copper. If after much use the molds smell rancid, boil the molds and season them as done when new.
Seasoning - Coat the mold inside with pure beeswax - pour in/out quickly then baked at 400 for 10 minutes, then turned upside down. Then let rest until cool.

More Info


In 1830, in a Normandy village called Villedieu-les-Poêles, which is located near the Mont-Saint-Michel, Mr. Ernest Mauviel established the Mauviel manufacturing company.

Villedieu-les-Poêles, “the city of copper”, has an 800 year heritage of copper manufacturing. The strength and foundation for Mauviel's manufacturing expertise is based upon this rich tradition of copper manufacturing that has been handed down from generation to generation.

Since the very early years, by offering the highest quality products, Mauviel has been a fixture in the professional and commercial markets.

Today, Mauviel continues to offer the professional chef, products that are unsurpassed in quality and design. These same products are now also available to household markets.

Throughout the world Mauviel products are used by many famous chefs and professionals. With 1,000 products, Mauviel offers several ranges of high quality products made from copper, stainless steel or aluminum. Each range is crafted with elegant style and is designed to meet the needs of the most discerning professional and household cooks.

All ranges of Mauviel cookware products bring performance and pleasure to successful chefs, and to all those who aspire to become chefs.

Use & Care


Copper is a "soft metal" which explains why it is the best heat-conducting metal of all metals.

Copper requires a little more care than most other cookware. While it is ok to let the copper exterior darken with age (otherwise known as "patina" or "verdigris"). A quality polish is recommended to maintain its warm glow.

Cleaning the inside of unlined copper is essential. To remove any verdigris on an unlined pan, use a vinegar-salt solution or rub it with lemon sprinkled with salt. Rinse and dry the pan.

If you have an iron-handled pan, rust on the handle may be scrubbed (a light gauge steel wool works well) off and then lightly oiled.

It's not advised to use a dishwasher for washing copper cookware due to the harsh chemicals used in some dishwashers that could shorten the life span of your cookware.

Never use cleaners containing bleach to clean copper cookware - bleach is corosive and will cause your cookware to pit.

There are two different options for cleaning your copper cookware:

  • To maintain a shiny surface, clean after every use with Copperbrill cleaner
  • To create a nice patina of copper, well appreciated by professionals, clean occasionnally with Copperbrill cleaner

Copper will naturally darken without regular polishing. But any time, you can use Copperbrill cleaner to recover the original shiny surface.