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Milly's Summer Catalogue

Wilton Decorating Turntables

Wilton Basic Decorating Turntable
Ice, decorate and serve your just-baked cake on this multi-purpose turntable. The scalloped edges not only make turning easier, but adds a stylish touch as a serving piece.
Rotating cake turntable easier decorating
Raised non-slip base keeps turntable in place
White plastic. Before first and after each use wipe with clean, damp cloth
3 in. high x 12 in. dia. (7,6 cm x 30,4 cm diam)

Trim'n Turn ULTRA Cake Turntable
Experience the ultimate in turntable control. The Trim'n Turn ULTRA combines an extra-high smooth-turning platform with non-slip detail for secure performance. The easy - locking platform keeps your cake steady as you create delicate flowers and writing. Platform turns in either direction for easy icing, borders, combing and leveling. Great for left-hand or right-hand users. Non-slip design with soft-grip ring molded into platform to keep cake in place. 3 in. raised base with arched sides for easy grip. Hidden ball bearing track for smooth turning. Lock platform with ease using the pull-out tab. 12 in. platform removes from base for easy cleaning. Holds cakes up to 11 in. with platform visible - holds larger cakes if needed.

High and Low Turntable
Decorating every inch of your cake just got easier with this adjustable turntable. The taller 5-inch setting is great for borders and side details, while the lower 3.45-inch setting is the perfect height for decorating the top. A non-slip base and soft-grip ring make sure your cake doesn't budge while you decorate. The legs lock securely in place for decorating and fold under for easy storage.
Turntable adjusts to 2 different heights to facilitate decorating
White Plastic
12.75 dia. (32.3 cm); 3.45 or 5 in. (8.76 or 12.7 cm) adjustable height

Tilt'n Turn Cake Turntable
This tilting turntable features a non-slip soft grip design molded into the top plate to securely keep your cake in place as it tilts and turns for easier decorating. The large push button controls the tilting mechanism that provides 18 different yet secure plate positions, making it easy for left- and right-handed decorators to precisely decorate every surface on a cake. Decorating anything is easier when you can change the angle of the surface to be decorated, from garlands on the sides of a cake to lettering a candy plaque, even decorating cookies. The top plate rotates smoothly in either direction and can be locked in place when desired for detail work. The combination of the tilting mechanism and the 5 in. high base takes the strain off your back as you decorate by bringing the cake closer to eye level. The weight-balanced base and non-slip feet secure the turntable on the worksurface so you don't have to worry about your plastic turntable tipping. Can accommodate cake boards larger than 12-inch diameter; great for 3-D shaped cakes as well as more standard square and round cakes.

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Wilton Basic Decorating Turntable
Wilton Trim 'n Turn Ultra Turntable
Wilton High and Low Turntable
Wilton Tilt 'n Turn Plus Turntable