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Acme Evolution Weka Cup & Saucer

Features of The Evolution Range:
Elegant, dense and durable porcelain
Whiter and cleaner looking interior
Easier to hold when drinking from and pouring into
More balanced, More stackable
Thick walled base for durability and heat retention
Tapered lip for improved mouth-feel and ease of drinking from
Smoother interior gradient that makes it nicer to pour coffee and milk into.

Cappucino Cup 190ml & 14cm Saucer
Tulip Cup 170ml & 14cm Saucer  
6x Espresso Cups 70ml & 11cm Saucers
6x Latte Cups 280ml & 15cm Saucers.

Please note: We only carry the Tulip and Cappuccino cups and saucers in the Weka colour in-store. We can order the other sizes for customer orders, however please make your selection carefully, as they can not be returned if you change your mind about the colour. 

Special orders need to be purchased in sets of 6, please allow 5-7days for delivery of these. Thank you for your understanding.

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Acme Evolution Weka Tulip

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Acme Evolution Weka Cappuccino
Acme Evolution Weka 6x Espresso
Acme Evolution Weka 6x Latte